Module Batteries.FingerTree

module FingerTree: BatFingerTree

type 'a monoid = {
   zero : 'a; (*

The neutral element of the monoid.

   combine : 'a -> 'a -> 'a; (*

combine should be associative, and have zero as neutral element.


The type of the element of a monoid.

exception Empty

An exception that is thrown by various operations when trying to get a non existing element.

module type S = sig .. end
module Generic: sig .. end
type 'a t 
include BatFingerTree.S
val size : 'a t -> int

size t returns the number of elements in the sequence.

Unlike the generic size on finger trees, this one has complexity O(1).

val split_at : 'a t -> int -> 'a t * 'a t

split_at is equivalent to List.split_at.

val get : 'a t -> int -> 'a

get t i returns the i-th element of t.

val set : 'a t -> int -> 'a -> 'a t

set t i v returns t where the i-th element is now v.

val update : 'a t -> int -> ('a -> 'a) -> 'a t

update t i f returns t where the i-th element is now f (get i t).