Module BatAvlTree

module BatAvlTree: sig .. end

Internals of ISet and IMap, usable as generic tree library

type +'a tree 
val empty : 'a tree
val is_empty : 'a tree -> bool
val make_tree : 'a tree -> 'a -> 'a tree -> 'a tree
val create : 'a tree -> 'a -> 'a tree -> 'a tree

create l v r is similar to make_tree l v r but performs no rebalancing; in other words, you should use this only when you know that l and r are already balanced.

val height : 'a tree -> int
val left_branch : 'a tree -> 'a tree
val right_branch : 'a tree -> 'a tree
val root : 'a tree -> 'a
val singleton_tree : 'a -> 'a tree
val split_leftmost : 'a tree -> 'a * 'a tree
val split_rightmost : 'a tree -> 'a * 'a tree
val concat : 'a tree -> 'a tree -> 'a tree
val iter : ('a -> unit) -> 'a tree -> unit
val fold : ('a -> 'b -> 'b) -> 'a tree -> 'b -> 'b
val enum : 'a tree -> 'a BatEnum.t
val check : 'a tree -> bool

Check that the tree is balanced according to the AVL tree rules. An AVL tree is balanced when for every node the height of the subnodes differs by at most 1.