Module BatUChar

module BatUChar: sig .. end
Unicode characters.

This module implements Unicode characters.

type t 
exception Out_of_range
val char_of : t -> char
char_of u returns the Latin-1 representation of u. If u can not be represented by Latin-1, raises Out_of_range
val of_char : char -> t
of_char c returns the Unicode character of the Latin-1 character c
val code : t -> int
code u returns the Unicode code number of u.
val chr : int -> t
chr n returns the Unicode character with the code number n. If n does not lay in the valid range of Unicode or designates a surrogate charactor, raises Out_of_range
val eq : t -> t -> bool
Equality by code point comparison
val compare : t -> t -> int
compare u1 u2 returns, a value > 0 if u1 has a larger Unicode code number than u2, 0 if u1 and u2 are the same Unicode character, a value < 0 if u1 has a smaller Unicode code number than u2.
type uchar = t 
Aliases of type t
val int_of : uchar -> int
Alias of code
val of_int : int -> uchar
Alias of chr
val is_ascii : uchar -> bool
true if the char is a regular ascii char, i.e. if its code is <= 127
Since 2.2.0