Module BatUref

module BatUref: sig .. end
Unifiable references using destructive union-find

type 'a uref 
A t uref is a reference to a cell that contains a value of type t.
type 'a t = 'a uref 
A synonym for convenience
val uref : 'a -> 'a uref
uref x allocates a new uref and places the value x in it.
val uget : 'a uref -> 'a
uget ur returns the value stored in the uref ur.
val uset : 'a uref -> 'a -> unit
uset ur x updates the contents of ur with x.
val unite : ?sel:('a -> 'a -> 'a) -> 'a uref -> 'a uref -> unit
unite ~sel ur1 ur2 unites the urefs ur1 and ur2, selecting the result of sel (uget ur1) (uget ur2) for the contents of the resulting united uref. After this operation, uget ur1 ==
    uget ur2
. By default, sel is fun x _y -> x.
val equal : 'a uref -> 'a uref -> bool
equal ur1 ur2 returns true iff ur1 and ur2 are equal urefs, either because they are physically the same or because they have been BatUref.united.


val print : ('a, 'b) BatIO.printer -> ('a uref, 'b) BatIO.printer
Print the uref.